Shanghai General Arts Design&Engineering Co.,Ltd

Shanghai General Arts Design & Engineering Co., LTD is a curtain wall consultancy engineering and design firm, specialized in today’s complex wall designs. It ensures the engineering solutions they provide are the most cost effective buildable and innovative one. Shanghai General arts was founded in 2001. Since its inception, the company has done a great deal of engineering technical consulting and design work of high-tech curtain walls which are large in scale and advanced in technology.GA conduct basic and applied research in various fileds of curtain wall engineering & construction such as: Changzhou modern Media Center(unitized curtain wall);ChangZhou Press Group Building(curved glass curtain wall);Caohejing development zone Pujiang high-tech Park 2-3(open joint granite and exposed frame curtain wall system).We also have undertaken a series of design and consultant work of residential projects including: Guangzhou star remit ·brocade project、Suzhou Commercial & Travel building、Xinghui chambers in jiangmen city & Hangzhou Western suburbs Peninsula、 etc. The total amount of different kinds of curtain wall is over1 500,000㎡